Settling in

The flat is starting to shape up. After a mad weekend trip to Ikea, we have the last of the shelving we need for Mr. Moggs massive collection of books. How did I end up with the only person in the world who has more books than I did (before the international move that is).

Mr. Moggs wants to put them together, but he is so exhausted after working all day, and I am a mechanical sort of chick, I am putting them together today.

I really love the new flat, but it has a massive damp problem. We’ve been running the dehumidifier constantly for about a week. It’s helped a lot, and we can now open our front door–long story that involves finding sheets of water flowing down the door and surrounding wall.

Our new oven and hobs are electric. Of course I am used to gas, and only had one electric stove for any length of time and that was one of those ones with the glass tops. This one has those solid hobs, and is very small. There is no spot to move something to the centre when you turn down or turn off a hob. Not to mention there is very little counter space to put a pot down on a trivet. Plus all the indicators (numbers and pictograms) have been nearly scrubbed off or totally scrubbed off both the stovetop and oven. I’ve burnt so much food since we moved in, I am about to give up. I’ve learned to never, ever use the vampire teeth and pinwheel setting (which I’ve come to learn is fan assisted grill or maybe mini-thermonuclear reaction). The setting which I think is regular oven doesn’t cook at all. Not to mention I have no clue which dial controls which hob until after the hob starts to heat up.

I’ve also had homesickness since moving in. Why? Because we’ve got cable and I watch the worst k-rap TV from the US. On an intellectual level, I do not want to move back. I love the UK, but it’s really hard to not be stirred by a bunch of Thanksgiving cooking programming.

The first week or so that we were here, we slept on the fold out couch because our bed wasn’t coming until the weekend (and I wasn’t going to spend any extra time living with my inlaws even if that meant being temporarily bedless). We didn’t realise that there were legs folded into the back (and zipped away). So when the “bed” tipped over when I got into the far side, we thought we had to sleep on the other side. So the two of us (and probably Moggs Cat) curled up on the seated side, trying to keep the centre of gravity on the side with the support. Dur. Plus, I had set the washing machine for “crease free” not realising this meant that the washer would run until we manually switched it to spin. So we were roused from our cramped fetal positions at 4:30 AM by the sounds of the washing machine half-spinning and rinsing for the 20th time.

Ah well, I have a date with some Billy bookshelves. Grumbling won’t put them together.


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  1. 27th Nov 2009 at 12:44

    I looked up the images of stoves (by the brand name) and found the model that looked like mine and I was able to download and print a manual. I had NO clue how to use that stupid thing. :))

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