We’re totally getting a Christmas tree…

Tonight, hopefully, we will be picking up a Christmas tree. I am not sure if we are going to get an artificial one or a real one. We don’t have room to store a big artificial one (by big, I mean anything over a foot and a half). I love real ones, but I am allergic to spruce trees. From what I can see, the spruce trees are the cheapest ones.

But with Christmas tree, it will definitely start feeling a bit more like the holidays here. Unfortunately, I am not sure what we can put on it for decorations as we’re probably going to have a problem with Moggs Cat eating, climbing, chewing on, and attacking any tree we get.

In other news, our boiler’s out and we’ve had no hot water for 3 days. It seems there’s either a mess up with the gas company, the line between the meter and the house, or the boiler itself. No one knows! While the great minds are figuring this out, we’re a bit cold and doing the dishes is a bit “Laura Ingallesque” (if Laura had an electric kettle and cooked her food with an electric cooker that is). Hopefully we will be fixed up tomorrow, but it’s not been fun. Added to it is that if it is the gas company, it’s likely because our letting agent “signed us up” with this particular power company. We thought they had the landlord’s permission and were under the impression that it was already that company supply the flat with electric and gas, so it was a matter of changing our names. This is only about the fifth cock-up due to these letting agents and their “services” they provide in addition to showing the flat and doing credit checks. I’ve had nightmares about them.


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