Winter has come to London (as it does). Well, I should clarify a bit. Something sort of close to the winters I am used to has come to London. Damper, darker, and a bit warmer, but winter nonetheless. It snowed a bit yesterday, but I am not holding out hope for a “white Christmas”.

Our tree is up, the little scraggly thing that it is. It is beautiful,alive, and bursting with bulbs. Poor Mr. Moggs had to lug it here from Homebase, soil pot and all. I just found out a few days ago we’re to have my in-laws for dinner either Christmas Day or Boxing Day. I’d rather get it over with, and would aim for Christmas Eve if I could. It’s not that I don’t want to spend time with them on Christmas. It’s just that I am dreading figuring out what to make. My mother-in-law is on a very restricted diet, and my father-in-law can be a huge pain in the arse about food. Plus, we don’t have everything for our kitchen yet, and I doubt I’d be subjected to quite as much criticism if we had dinner there.

Ah, well, mustn’t grumble (as we supposedly say in my adopted land, the home of the grumblers). Must focus on the positives. Our flat, our tree, our togetherness, Christmas specials on tv, not having to deal with Christmas pudding this year (if the inlaws want it, they can have it at home), and so on.

Just one reason for the season:

Charlie Brown Christmas tree


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