Snow and all is not well

I love snow, provided I am not forced to stay out in it too long. But it seems every time it snows here, it disrupts practically everything. Of course, this is because the UK doesn’t have the equipment to remove the by products of wintry weather, and most councils don’t know how much grit to buy at the beginning of a winter. Not that it goes off or anything, but storing it can be a problem.

So, not only do you get people from all over Europe, some who have never driven in snow in their lives out slipping through intersections, you have people falling all over the place because most people and local governments don’t keep salt about. Or clean their pavements all that well.

Then there’s the media reports. When it snows, it’s treated like a mild Armageddon. I say mild because rationally everyone knows it’s going to melt, but people aren’t all that sure if it will disrupt supplies of milk and bread. I guess in that regard it’s similar the world over (except, of course, in the north-eastern US, we usually don’t get too panicky over a few inches of snow, and usually hold off until it gets above three or four feet). But the media makes it seem like it’s a bit like Threads-lite down at the shops.

Then there’s the “so much for global warming” crowd. Oh dear. By the way, about two thirds of British newspapers love to publish headlines that blare about how the latest cold snap proves that there’s no such thing as global warming. So much of the media here is very climate change dubious. So, when you get into a discussion with one of the people who believe that climate change is a “hoax” (not recommended), you can’t really reason with them. Go ahead try to explain that it’s “climate change” and not really just about “warming” and that the UK probably will get colder weather if the ocean currents get disrupted by temperature change in the Atlantic. Not that I think our past few cold winters have anything to do with disruptions in ocean currents, but it’s always nice to see someone who bangs on “bring on the global warming” ignoring the fact that they live as far north as we do.

We’re stocked up. I dragged my cart to Lidl’s and bought some supplies. Moggs-cat has food for most of the month. We can always kill and roast the partridge that flies into our yard if things get bad.

If you’re in the British Isles, I hope you are staying safe, warm, and you are well stocked up on bog roll.


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