The past few weeks in a mere few sentences

So, not a lot has happened in the past few weeks, at least not a lot that is all that interesting. I’ve decided to sum it all up in a sort of random summary stream:

Our monitor is broken. Let’s have the sister-in-law to be over. Oh look it’s snowing. No one shovels. Damn tabloids telling everyone they’ll get sued if someone slips on their shovelled pavement. Monitor is still broken. Let’s get a giant telly. The snow as melted. Oh look, it’s snowing again. Everyone’s stuck in a few inches of snow.

Crap it’s cold.

Oh, we’ve got the plague again. It’s cold and snowy. Cat won’t let me sleep in the morning. I am being lazy with the house. I am reading a lot. Our back garden is perfect and white. Damn it’s cold. Let’s turn on the boiler. It’s for future Mr and Mrs Moggs to pay.

Send out the cards. I always forget someone. Or some three. On the diet. Off the diet. Read some more. Watch the big telly. Go for long walks. Get teeth cleaned. Write a bit. Rue the fact I didn’t knit or crochet presents because it’s too damn snowy to shop. Or rather, it’s too damn snowy for us to get anywhere due to the fact British transportation is designed for a window of about 30 degrees C and no snow. Or leaves apparently. Go to the Christmas party of Mr Moggs old job where everyone just lost their jobs. Cat won’t let me sleep in the morning. Creepy Wikileaks guy may well be innocent, but he still creeps me out.

It’s supposed to be warm for Christmas. Warm after all this snow, and we won’t get a white Christmas. Cat won’t let me sleep in the morning. Buy everyone presents in a few hours in Croydon. Exhausted. Exhausted. Cat won’t let me sleep in the morning.


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