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Looking up

I’ve not been blogging so much lately, but I have been writing a lot. I started NaNoWriMo, and as with the other time I tried it, I fell behind very quickly. However it taught me a few things:

1)I need to write everyday, even if it is a little bit
2)I need to not worry about editing or whether or not it’s crap until I finish. Crap has a better chance of being published than nothing. Heck, a lot of the stuff being published is at least a bit crap. But when they publish unwritten books, they are called notebooks.

Back on my diet and it’s going well. I think I am going to write in my diet blog a bit more often.

I realised that if I want to blog and actually be interesting, I have to: a)stop being boring. b)add more interesting content like photos. So I am scrapping my long abandoned Project 365, and I am going to try adding a few more photographs in these entries. Not this entry, but soon. I swear.

Oh, and I still love the UK (even when it’s cold and grey).

That’s all for now. A bit of meta-blogging, really.


Moving along

I am starting to feel a bit better about things, but not before I sort of bottomed out about a week ago. Oddly, the bottoming out had nothing to do with Mom’s death other than the events that lead to it probably wouldn’t have happened, at least they wouldn’t have happened at this time, if Mom hadn’t passed. It’s not something I want to get into, and I think I am still recovering a bit, but in a way it was cathartic. Maybe it’s hard to be extremely upset about more than one thing at a time? Maybe the new upset eclipsed the grief to do with Mom enough to give it time to heal to more tolerable levels than it had been? I don’t know.

I am participating in NaNoWriMo, and I know that even if I do not finish the novel this month, it will be finished. At the risk of sounding too confident, I also know it’s good enough to be published. It’s a bit thrilling, because I rarely if ever feel that way about my work.

Getting my diet back under control. I am no longer grief stuffing. The damage was bad, but not as bad as it could be. Less than a stone, and I will have that off in no time. Every day things get a bit better, and I hope that keeps up.


how to reenact my day so far

Early: Wake up to kiss Mr Moggs goodbye. Lock the door behind him. Go back to sleep.
8:30: Hear the first mewls of Moggs cat outside the bedroom door. Moan and whinge. Pull the duvet over your head. Snuggle up to the hot water bottle (HWB).
8:35: The mewing begins full force along with Moggs cat trying to force his way into the bedroom. Notice his little grunts just before you hear him pressing against the door. Hope that the neighbour upstairs can’t hear the cat. Try to go back to sleep.
8:45: Get out of bed swearing. “Cock” works well here. I don’t know why. It’s one of my favourite swear words. Very vulgar. Open the door as Moggs cat busts in and stretches triumphantly. Ignore him.
8:46: Check for mail. Use the loo. Strip and weigh yourself. Deodorise your pits. Brush your teeth. Get dressed. Make coffee. Ignore Moggs cat.
9:00: Turn on the computer and Radio 4. Ignore Moggs cat.
9:10: Time for another cup of coffee. Trip over Moggs cat as he tries to get your attention. Watch as he runs off and chews the corner of a table.
9:11: Feed Moggs cat.
9:12: Rush outside to grab your recycling bags which have just been delivered. This will be the first time since you moved in that you managed to grab them before someone else picks them up.
9:15-10:00: Listen to a bunch of stuff on the radio whilst checking your email and farm and cafe on Facebook. Read a Wikipedia entry on Patty Smith because she was on the radio reading her book.
10:00: Woman’s Hour. Listen. Drink more coffee. Strip the bed. Air the duvet and pillows outside. Start washing machine with the sheets.
11:00: Start to get hungry. Turn off radio and start a blog post instead.
11:25: Think the blog post is crap. Text your husband.
11:30: Eat some hot dogs.
12 noon: Save a draft of the old blog post. Start a new one.
12:10: Remember you wanted to dust today. Look for the long duster.
12:15: Somehow knock over your potted basil during the search. Set it right.
12:16: Knock over the basil again, this time busting the old thrown pot with 70s drip glaze against the tiles. RIP old 70s pot you’ve had for 15 years. Sweep up the mess.
12:20: Dust
12:30: write some more, pausing to run another rinse on the washer.
12:45: Decide to halter train Moggs cat
13:00: Feel guilty about how weird Moggs cat acts in the halter. Remove it.
13:15: Write some more crap.
13:20: Feel depressed. Ruminate about interpersonal problems whilst you hang laundry.
13:30: Make a silent gratitude list and wonder about forgiveness
13:35: Think about how weird it would be to inherently know how to handle social situations.
13:45: Open up your files on your writing projects. Decide to write a blog post instead. Moggs cat will decide it’s a good time to curl up on your arms.


Some days I blink once…

…and it’s noon. I blink twice and it’s nearly 3 pm. I may just excel at the art of procrastination. At least I am forcing myself to be a bit more serious about writing more. And, frankly, I could stand another hour of the rubbish smelling like it did, so taking a few minutes to take it out didn’t really matter. My new thing of sitting down at the table for lunch/brunch is not a sign of my procrastination. Nor is my sparkly sink, clean counters, swept bathroom floor, or the fact that I had to do some investigation in the back garden. When I start folding laundry in the middle of the day, then I will be convinced I am a world class procrastinator.

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